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Guide: A female short video community "she shoots" to complain to Tencent Cloud breach of contract, claiming 100 million. Some people say that this is a porcelain touch, but some people say that this is rights protection.

Before, I saw a joke:

said that the current technology of touching porcelain is getting higher and higher. Last night, at the door of the community, a grandmother asked me to take pictures of her. Just took a picture of her. A hand grabbed me, cried and shouted: "Your flash is too flashing, and my waist is broken!"

The joke is a joke, and now a female short video community "she shoots" to tell the message The cloud defaulted and claimed 100 million. Some people say that this is a porcelain touch, but some people say that this is rights protection.

First look at Tencent Cloud's announcement on January 5th:

Among the most critical content in the statement:

Recently, Beijing She Technology Co., Ltd. ( The following is called "she shoots". According to the media, there are some unpleasant experiences in the cooperation with Tencent Cloud and Tiantian P.

Tencent has attached great importance to this. Tencent cherishes the trust and commitment of every customer. For the To B business, the stability and continuity of the service is crucial. After internal understanding, during the cooperation process, the two sides have some different understandings about the contract content, so many misunderstandings have arisen.

and Tencent Cloud specifically mentioned several important items:

First, the "Face Integration Service" interface was upgraded for all partners, and there was no technical strike against her. However, she did not notify her 24 hours in advance. We apologized and made a rectification of the notification mechanism.

Second, the "Crazy Face" applet is an extension of the daily P-app app launched in 2016. There is no plagiarism problem.

Third, Tencent Cloud always pays attention to the privacy and security of customer data.

Based on this, Tencent Cloud and Tiantian P team jointly announced:

Tiantian P technology license Tencent Cloud provides "face fusion service" and continues to provide services for all customers, including Continued support for her needs for existing services and new services, including services for new customers.

It is necessary to be clear that every day P and Tencent Cloud belonged to the Tencent social network business group, but after the organization of mediation at the end of September last year, the two teamsSplit into two different business groups.

However, ▼

"She shoots" founder Wang Hongda said that in early 2018, she created the women's short video community App "She shoots", and in August, she launched a P called "her face+". A small applet that blends the user's facial features and faces into other image materials. This small program has a strong momentum, and it took the first time in the picture category of Aladdin's small program leaderboard in ten days. They signed a one-year contract with Tencent Cloud to purchase cloud services and a technical service called "Face Fusion", which will cost about 5 million per month.

However, the daily P picture is on the line with a similar small program "crazy face". After several iterations, the new online program is very similar to "her face+" from the UI interface to the operation flow, and their image quality after synthesis is high definition.

Therefore, “she shoots” thinks that her “face+” product quality is seriously degraded, Tencent Cloud has certain responsibilities, and the appearance of “Crazy Face” of P picture every day is “her face+” The biggest blow. "She shot" officially in Shenzhen and Beijing, the Intermediate People's Court complained that Tencent Cloud breached the contract and claimed 100 million. Wen Qing, a reporter from Beiqing Daily, learned from Wang Hongda, the founder of "she shot" that the Shenzhen court rejected the application for filing in Shenzhen because of the jurisdictional issue, but the Beijing No. 1 Intermediate People's Court officially accepted the case and will choose the day. Open court.

So, what kind of situation will things go to? What is the result of the 100 million yuan claim? Let's wait for the court.

In advance, let's do a small investigation, how?


What do you think about this? Welcome to the end of the message comments.

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