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Guide: AI will become the base technology, the global technology expenditure of artificial intelligence, about $450 million in 2016, but is expected to reach $19.28 billion in 2020 and 289 in 2021. 600 million US dollars, showing that the global public and private sectors regard artificial intelligence as the focus of technology research and development investment, and will gradually introduce applications to strengthen their competitiveness.

Artificial intelligence (AI) will go deep into all walks of life and all corners. According to the MIC research of the industry research institute, AI will become the base technology, the global technology expenditure of artificial intelligence, 2016 It is 450 million US dollars, but it is expected to reach 19.28 billion US dollars in 2020, and will reach 28.96 billion US dollars in 2021. It shows that artificial intelligence is regarded as the focus of science and technology research and development in the global public and private sectors, and will gradually Import applications to enhance your competitiveness.

In addition, global artificial intelligence has exerted influence in many fields. Taking the application type of revenue as an example, the MIC believes that the largest cumulative income in 2016-2025 is static image marking and classification. The industry scale is 8 billion 9.7 million US dollars, followed by algorithmic trading strategy of 7.5 billion 450,000 US dollars, while performance improvement can create 736.64 million US dollars of commercial value, such as patient data processing improvement, predictive maintenance, object identification, etc. There is good commercial value, showing that AI is gradually changing various base technologies.

Furthermore, commercial operations, production processes, etc. will also try to improve the efficiency of operations by introducing artificial intelligence. In the global automation and artificial intelligence business expenditure, the highest proportion of investment in intelligent process automation (Intelligence Process Automation) shows that some manufacturers invest in artificial intelligence mainly to improve the existing production process; second, the robot process automation, and a proportion The expansion shows that there will be more robots in the future production process, and artificial intelligence can be imported for optimization.

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