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Introduction: Artificial intelligence is not a cold algorithm. On the contrary, it is now ubiquitous in our lives. The colorful AI applications are always colorful and always give us surprises. With the continuous development of artificial intelligence technology, it may bring a new and intelligent future for all mankind. The mountains are high and the water is far away.

When it comes to artificial intelligence, what applications can you think of?

Is the smart speaker that BAT kills? Or will the sweeping robot automatically clean the floor? Or Apple's intelligent voice assistant Siri, who knows everything and says nothing?

Is a cool driverless car? Or "Go Master" AlphaGo? Or an industrial machine that “work” 24 hours a day on the production line?

Indeed, AI is becoming more and more widely used in life, so what other little-known identity is it besides these well-known applications?

"AI Volunteers" at the Crossroads

When you are crossing the road, if the front is red but there are fewer vehicles on the road or farther away, you will wait patiently for the green light. Is it still following the footsteps of the public?

Every time, "I can't remember how many people I send" is the inner portrayal of most of us. Even though many intersections will set up volunteers to remind pedestrians to obey the traffic rules, there are often times when “double fists are difficult to match four hands” and many volunteers can do nothing.

This is not the case, the Hubei police specially invited the "AI volunteers". When crossing the road, AI will help you with your legs. Not long ago, a red light-proof "artifact" appeared on the streets of Daye, Huangshi, Hubei.

It is understood that this is a set of robots with sensing systems, which will change the color of the lights with the traffic lights, and direct pedestrians to cross the road safely.

When a pedestrian intentionally slams a red light, the internal automatic sprinkler will emit water mist, and the system will issue a “Please obey the traffic rules” and “Please do not red light” to prevent pedestrians.

If there is still someone to be hard-hitting, this device will turn on the "monitor camera" function, the passerby's face and his improper behavior will be photographed by the roadside recognition capture system, and willOn the big screen, it was “showing the streets to show the public”. Of course, there is no shortage of paying fines.

When both face and lining are lost, you have to "break the money and catastrophe", will you still be in danger?

Please note! Robot "farmers" are occupying farmland

Talking about modern agriculture, if your impression is only a mechanized large farm in the United States, or a small farmland that is finely managed in countries such as Japan and South Korea, it is really "out". It is. In farms and greenhouses in many parts of the world, in addition to people and machinery, agricultural robots have long been a more important member.

In the agricultural sector, artificial intelligence is already a label that cannot be ignored.

Not long ago, a small robot company in the UK developed a series of agricultural custom robots that could replace existing agricultural tractors and avoid damage to the soil. In addition, it would follow Plants require quantitative spraying of fertilizers and herbicides to reduce plant mortality.

In addition, the application of agricultural robots further increases the efficiency of agricultural production while saving labor costs, and will effectively alleviate the environmental pressure caused by the large-scale discharge of agricultural greenhouse gases.

With the help of local students, they first developed a robot called Jack, which is about 3 meters tall and weighs about 250 kilograms. It has all the above advantages, but it can't be like the traditional The tractor travels through large areas of land as quickly as the work progresses slowly.

In order to solve this problem, the company subsequently developed the "Rachel" monitoring robot and the "Wellman" artificial intelligence system. These three types of robots have a clear division of labor and cooperation. Rachel is responsible for monitoring and transmitting data. “Wellman” can distinguish “wheat” and “non-wheat” according to its data. Then under the guidance of “Wellman”, “Jack” can be accurate and fast. Complete your work.

At present, the company has applied for a number of patents for these farm robots and is working with farmers on small experiments. This series of agricultural robots is expected to be officially put into use soon. By then, farmers can use the data to understand the situation of the plant, and no longer need to "face the loess back to the sky."

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