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Introduction: Defiance said: "The new Logo is not a new beginning but a new upgrade. It is a continuation and focus on product value and customer value after continuous thinking about defying core competence."

[ 123] In 2014, a technology company based on the development of face recognition technology received unprecedented attention from the outside world. In that year, the young company also received a B round of investment, which was released in the year of Forbes 2015 China 30 In the list of entrepreneurs under the age of 30, the young Yinqi was selected as one of the founders of the company.

In 2019, after seven years of establishment, contempt for the release of the new logo: "Face++ contempt" upgraded to "Megvii contempt." The newly enabled Megvii (Mega Vision) is not a new word but an abbreviation against contempt. In 2018, contempt for the company's mission of "continuously creating maximum value for customers and society with extraordinary technology."

Defiance said: "The new Logo is not a new beginning but a new upgrade. It is a continuation and focus on product value and customer value after continuous thinking about defying core competence."

Inch explained the upgrade.

He said that the word AIOT has been mentioned by many people in the past six months. AIOT refers to the combination of AI and IoT technology. Perhaps the word AioT will be a transitional vocabulary. In the next two or three years, IoT may become the backbone of the industry, just like the Internet, and AI will become a real essential tool. Therefore, he believes that AIOT is called AI-enabled IoT industry.

When productivity was reshaped, essentially industrial companies were threatened with simultaneous IT and IoT upgrades. In this wave of IoT, because of the IoT, more IoT technology will make the wave of IoT and IT happen in China at the same time.

Throughout the current AI, IoT and IAOT industries, the concept of speculation has been broken, and most companies have chosen between AI+ industry and industry + AI. For example, Shangtang Technology chose AI+ and cooperated with Meitu and other companies in urban management, smart cars, intelligent hardware and other industries. Obviously, contemptThe latter is chosen.

At the press conference, contempt for the launch of the river map.

Hetu is a set of operating systems launched by the Vision Robot, which is dedicated to the rapid integration of robotics and logistics, manufacturing, and one-stop solution for planning, simulation, implementation and operation. The brain like the robot network is the conductor of the robot band, capable of directing all kinds of robots to work together and play the symphony of the business.

In the three aspects of ecological connection, collaborative intelligence, and digital hygiene, the river map is involved. The emergence of the river map provides a more convenient and flexible solution for the networking and human-machine collaboration of the robot network.

In a nutshell, the river image is a net, and the various systems of the AIOT are included. It is also like the brain at runtime, and it is methodically mismatched at various points of storage.

Take Tiancang Supermarket Tianjin Warehouse, which is a technology cooperation with Xinyi Technology, as an example, facing huge SKU pressure, complicated orders containing more than ten kinds of categories, and also taking into account the consumer experience, pursuing the day. The efficiency of the Tmall supermarket warehouse management from the consumer to the outbound order must be controlled within 1 hour, and by accessing the contempt river map, and three different types of 500 robots work together, Tmall supermarket The Tianjin warehouse has a 40% increase in manpower.

How does it work?

Ecological connection. In the construction of the supply chain brain, Defiance plans to use AioT's technology and product upgrades to create the strongest hands and feet, releasing more space value, and the first mission of the river map is to connect the downstream robot control bodies. And the equipment system, and the upstream business system, is extremely open and scalable.

Collaborative Intelligence. After the ecological connection is established, collaborative intelligence becomes especially critical when multiple devices collaborate to accomplish the same task.

Give a simple example.

If a user buys a bottle of cola and a pack of chips, then the production of this order must be obtained for both items. So the robots that take Coke and the robots that take the chips, the two must work together, otherwise the order will be stuck, but in reality, the two items are likely to be in different areas, so the production of these two areas must Collaboration. Therefore, collaborative optimization is extremely critical in the entire robotic collaboration system.

The river map provides a large number of optimization algorithms in path planning, location optimization, load balancing, and job scheduling to adapt to different business scenarios.

At the same time, it is considered that the river map constructs a self-learning and adaptive algorithm system, and the system automatically adjusts the algorithm according to the historical running data of the business and the input workload forecast (such as order forecasting).

Digital twins. As the operating system of robot network collaboration, River Map is one of the most important product values. It is to speed up the whole process and integrate it into the same set of close business and can be directly applied to production operations by designing, simulating, implementing and running. The system, the program and algorithm are uniformly modeled, and the full link is systematically supported, so that the whole process is organic and integrated, thus achieving the connection and intelligence of the painting.

Another product value is also the greatest value of the river map, that is, the realization of the virtual world and the real world, the simulation simulation as much as possible, including simulation of the robot, simulation of the equipment, simulation of the order, Human simulation, simulation of anomalous events, to achieve online simulation planning, approaching the efficiency of the real execution system, contempt for this is called "digital twinning."

artificial intelligence cornering overtaking, contempt for upgrades focused on the warehousing and logistics system in the field of Internet of Things, allowing AioT, which was previously in the "frozen concept, fake big air" and other disputes, to land quickly. For other manufacturers in the industry chain, this contempt has provided more choices. For the artificial intelligence industry, AI+IoT+ warehousing logistics, the new model is bound to create new possibilities. Is there any new revelation about the business of the same echelon?

We will wait and see.

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