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Introduction: Referring to the polar perspective CEO Chen Zhenjie, the industry is no stranger. In August 2018, Forbes China announced the list of China's "30 elites under 30" in 2018. The CEO of Chen Zhenjie was listed on the list. .

Referring to the polar view CEO Chen Zhenjie, the industry is no stranger. In August 2018, Forbes China announced the list of "30 elites under 30 years old" in China in 2018, and CEO Chen Zhenjie was listed on the list. single.

After graduating from Beijing Guanghua School of Management, Chen Zhenjie went to work for Bain Consulting, KPMG Consulting, etc., and finally came to Tencent Strategy Department. However, under the dual influence of personality and environment, he chose to leave the Tencent Strategy Department and started his own entrepreneurial life at the age of 23.

After the 90s entrepreneurs are stable

"post-90s" as a label of an era, not accompanied by flowers and applause, but questioned, just like the "post-80s" was born, accompanied by It is a variety of negative labels, and even more so after the 90s, whether it is the media or people's conversations, "post-90s" is often referred to as the "smashed generation."

In recent years, after 90s, entrepreneurs have been labeled as “unreliable” and “rogue” by investors. It seems that entrepreneurship is an “entertainment game” for the post-90s. It is a group of young and childish young people playing "playing house."

However, for the polar view CEO Chen Zhenjie, these labels do not belong to him.

Polar View CEO Chen Zhenjie

first met Chen Zhenjie, in the afternoon's general manager's office, a more than 20 square meters general manager's office, in addition to the necessary office supplies, a set of tea sets A few sofas are the areas for entertaining customers, and two mobile whiteboards have become the most attractive areas - densely filled with various meeting records inside the polar perspective.

Chen Zhenjie came to his own home as a friend, let us sit at random, and then picked up the tea clip and skillfully picked up the teacup, the fair cup and so on. In the conversation, perhaps because of the experience, Chen Zhenjie does not tell the hardships of starting a business like the average entrepreneur, or what achievements he has achieved, but summarizes his entrepreneurial choices in a simple and simple sentence. Choosing a business, in addition to being a businessman, is one of his own personalities.One factor. "

and under its leadership, Shenzhen Polar View Technology is not only the first artificial intelligence visual algorithm platform company in China, but also tens of millions of A+ rounds of financing such as China Resources Capital and Zhongzhou Group. Behind it, it is inseparable from Chen Zhenjie's insight into market strategy, timing, capital, and user pain points. Under the fierce technical game of artificial intelligence enterprises such as Shangtang and Yushi, choose to avoid the edge and cut into the industrial chain, aiming at the industry application end. That is, the artificial intelligence "business intelligence solution" is a different pain point.

At the same time, in an aisle of the polar viewing office area, dozens of awards are quietly placed in the showcase. However, Chen Zhenjie did not have too many words on these awards. It seems that he does not care about these awards. Perhaps for Chen Zhenjie, the certificate only proves the past, the most important thing is the future!

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