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Introduction: Driven by the smart phone "wind vane" Apple, iPhone X used Face ID to unlock the face, and face recognition became the hottest application of AI on mobile phones. 3D vision also became machine vision. A big vent on the track.

Driven by the smart phone "wind vane" Apple, iPhone X used Face ID to unlock the face, and face recognition became the hottest application of AI on mobile phones. 3D vision also became a machine. A big vent of the visual track.

This trend has also spread to CES. In this stage of the global electronic technology trend, you may be surprised by the various beauty brands L'Oreal, SK-II, and even Maybelline, but you are not mistaken. Behind these real-time beauty and app testing of face value detection, it is the wave of 3D vision technology.

Just like building a tall building, people should pay more attention to the solid foundation they laid down while feeling the gorgeous shell. At present, 3D vision-based applications are on the market, and how to get a unique experience from "homogeneous" depends on the core skills, the algorithm behind it.

Ang Ting Technology is such a company. This year is the first time they have boarded the CES stage. As a new face, it has brought an exclusive patent in 3D vision. Well, it is the only CES stage. appear.

This 3D facial generation is really not the same as other homes

You want to be "Wu Yanzu", how many steps? This app will tell you all the experiences and changes with a 1-100% visual distance, and use 3D to drag and drop.

This is the exclusive algorithm of Anglo Technology. Unsurprisingly, this application has been greatly praised by the beauty and medical industry, especially the fine-tuning of the face, but it is convenient for the communication between the beauty doctor and the customer, as well as the adjustment plan.

Ang Lee Technology COO Li Hui said that this technology is very popular in the beauty and beauty industry, and belongs to the unique technology of Anrui Technology. It is a technology that the industry waits for a long time to appear. The medical beauty industry is also the first area where Anrui Technology's 3D artificial intelligence vision technology first landed. He said that the company will first develop the market from the medical beauty industry and continue to deepen its fields in security and education.

[123So, what is the difference between 3D artificial intelligence vision technology and traditional 3D? Li Hui further explained that 3D artificial intelligence vision technology is a fusion technology concept that combines AI, computer vision and computer graphics to digitize real three-dimensional world information.

In fact, the goal of Anglo Technology is to apply 3D artificial intelligence vision technology to all scenes that need to digitize real three-dimensional world information, such as face payment, telemedicine, holographic video, spatial modeling, reverse Engineering modeling and more.

Speak with products, let 3D connect people with the world

"Photos in future mobile phones may be 3D, just like 2D photos now replace black and white, this is a process." Li Hui said that the photos on the social app in the future will be presented in 3D.

This may be related to the experience of the company's founders. Sun Yansheng, founder of Anglo Technology, is a 3D intelligent vision technology expert. He founded three companies listed on NASDAQ (WEITEK, C-CUBE, DVS) and was awarded the Lifetime Achievement Award by the DVD Forum. He is known as the "Father of MPEG". It is one of the main inventors of the world's first VCD.

Dr. Sun Yansheng, founder of Anrui Technology, made a product demonstration

For the evolution of images, Anrui Technology believes that the future will be a 3D world, in order to make the real three-dimensional world and the digital three-dimensional world The fusion is more natural, making the transition between real and virtual faster, so to make this "virtual" more efficient, simpler, more realistic, through the power of 3D artificial intelligence visual technology, connecting people and the world is sharp The vision of developing 3D artificial intelligence vision technology.

"Actually, the 3D world is not far from us, or it has arrived." Li Hui gave two examples.

For example, face payment, the face is closer to the real one than the two-dimensional code. However, we are still using the mobile phone to display the QR code that binds our personal information for payment. It is extremely non-human. The core issue of face payment is how to digitize the portraits of the real three-dimensional world to the machine, make decisions and approve a transaction.

For example, telemedicine or medical beauty, digitizing the portraits of real three-dimensional worlds, and in the digital portrait of the three-dimensional worldThe most realistic result corresponds to the real three-dimensional world portrait, which is of great help to the surgical simulation and remote consultation.

More than algorithms, and soft-to-hard ecological layout

As a startup of Focus on3D vision, Angray Technology has now implemented 3D vision technology algorithms, in addition to technology licensing. Business model, it is still doing floor products.

Anglo Technology has its own 3D artificial intelligence portrait processing technology and 4D portrait video live broadcast technology, and has launched commercial software SDK, software and hardware solutions, and embedded computing acceleration solutions. Can be widely used in medical, security, education and other fields.

At the booth of LVCC at LVCC, the 4D video live broadcast technology was demonstrated. It does not require any external special camera and can be realized by using an iPad with a 3D camera.

3D portrait data compression and encryption technology demonstration

Of course, for the processing of 3D images, the storage problem is a big test, but Li Weirui, chief marketing officer of Anrui Technology, said that Anrui Technology has developed With 3D portrait data compression and encryption technology, 3D portraits can be compressed 1000 times and decompressed to achieve 99% decompression loss rate.

Li Hui said that products with sturdy technology will appear in the cloud, embedded devices and PCs, and will also cooperate with customers to launch Dameiye intelligent 3D portrait processing and analysis equipment, intelligent Home 3D portrait processing and analysis equipment, embedded 3D portrait processing and analysis mobile terminals, 3D video recording equipment, high-precision portrait and human body scanning equipment, etc.

Regarding the broader layout of the future, he said that he would consider making chips. If the volume is up, he will optimize the AO AI algorithm on the dedicated chip and port it to the existing device, but this is too In the long run, he now hopes that the company will become a new unicorn-level global enterprise in the field of 3D artificial intelligence vision technology.

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