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Introduction: In recent years, medical devices are moving towards the family, and medical scenes are also extended to families. Health smart wearable devices are the extended tentacles. They meet the needs of consumers' health management in an intelligent and miniaturized way. The combination of big data, AI and other technologies has begun to play the role of health risk assessment, intelligent early warning, and personalized health management, and has become the entrance to the Internet of Things.

In recent years, medical devices are moving towards the family, and medical scenarios are also extending to families. Health smart wearable devices are the extended tentacles, which meet the needs of consumer health management in an intelligent and miniaturized way. Combined with technologies such as big data and AI, it began to play the role of health risk assessment, intelligent early warning, and personalized health management, and became the entrance to the Internet of Things.

Market research firm Ahadome predicts that smart wearable devices will become mainstream in medical and health applications, accounting for more than 50%. 2012 is also known as the "first year of wearable devices," but many products have become "toys."

In order to have more voice in the medical field, wearable devices need to enter the medical core and have more irreplaceability.

There are many companies that want to break through barriers to enter the medical center. Apple has launched an FDA-approved ECG monitoring product on Apple Watch, and iRhythm with a market capitalization of 891 million US dollars in 2016.

When most products are still under authoritative certification and are submerged in homogenized foam, the arterial network finds VivaLNK: a medical IoT company from Silicon Valley that was established at the beginning Google cooperates with the "Electronic Skin" project, and its first medical-grade flexible smart body temperature-sensitive product has obtained many professional certifications including FDA, CE Medical, TGA, etc., and cooperated with the world's top 500 companies Reckitt & Benckiser to achieve worldwide success. Commercialization.

On top of the underlying technology platform, VivaLNK launched the "Developer Program" developer program for global markets with a view to building a medical Internet of Things (IoHT) ecosystem with partners. Currently, Villing VivaLNK works with AlacrityCare and Myia to help cancer and cardiovascularInnovative disease diagnosis and treatment.

In addition to the opposite of cancer and cardiovascular disease, VivaLNK provides clinical solutions, and Werner also collaborates with Stanford University and Case Western Reserve University to develop stress management. the study.

How will VivaLNK, which combines the development of the underlying technology platform and the integrated software and hardware development capabilities, become the backbone of the innovative medical field? To this end, the arterial network interviewed the founder and CEO of VivaLNK, Dr. Li Jiang, a national expert, and Ms. Xu Lei, a market spokesperson.

Improve the quality of physical data with leading sensors and algorithms

VivaLNK has self-developed subversive electronic skin (eSkin) medical sensing technology and advanced medical cloud artificial intelligence data Analytical ability, to achieve multi-life parameter monitoring and physical analysis in the medical IoT field through medical-grade wearable devices, to provide comprehensive solutions for health management, patient monitoring, and remote care for its market partners.

Currently, VivaLNK's three main products are the Fever Scout body temperature monitoring patch, the Vital Scout health monitoring patch, and the ECG monitoring patch. These three products are based on VivaLNK's eSkin medical sensing technology, which enhances the quality of dynamic life data management through soft wear and real-time monitoring of vital signs. Say goodbye to the fact that traditional equipment cannot be continuously monitored and cumbersome, and it has also revolutionized the lack of precision of wearable devices on the market.

Three important medical data, vital signs, biochemical indicators, medical images are indispensable parts, and body temperature is the basic indicator of life and health. The Fever Scout is paired with a medical grade double-sided adhesive tape that can be attached to a child's armpit for real-time temperature monitoring of “zero distance”.

Xu Lei said to the arterial network: "Children's fever is easy to induce other diseases such as heat convulsions, and parents need to observe the child's condition in real time; some postoperative infections or other complications will also be shown by body temperature indicators. VivaLNK has a partnership with companies of the AlacrityCare type in cancer treatmentIt is effective to connect patients and nursing staff during the treatment process, to better understand the changes in other indicators such as body temperature during the whole treatment process, and also to provide clinical level monitoring programs for hospitals. "

In addition to the body temperature monitoring product line, based on patented technology, VivaLNK has also developed a series of products for heart rate and AF related health signs monitoring. There are top sensors on the hardware, and we are in soft power. (VivaLNK) also has AI, cloud computing and other technologies to support data integration and analysis.

Take Wealing's health monitoring patch Vital Scout as an example, through HR and HRV, ie heart rate and heart rate variability (HRV refers to The variation of the heartbeat cycle difference, which is a valuable indicator for predicting sudden cardiac death and arrhythmia events, together with background professional algorithms to help consumers better manage their health through a small paste in the chest With small patches and apps, users can see indexes such as stress, sleep, exercise, recovery, etc. on the terminal.

In terms of vital signs monitoring, VivaLNK uses proprietary chip and sensor technology and new materials. The technology realizes medical level data collection and integration, and also achieves the portability and intelligence of consumer products.

In addition to the initial establishment, it cooperated with Google to launch "electronic skin". In addition, VivaLNK and Stanford University have recently reached a cooperation, and the Vital Scout health monitoring patch independently developed by Villing will help researchers in the Stanford Department of Psychiatry and Behavioral Science to use real-time and long-term results. Tracking the adolescent stress index and other key physiological parameters, the project is intended to explore whether there is a correlation between stress levels and adolescent depression.

At the end of December last year, VivaLNK went to the next city, and the world. The famous higher education institution Case Western Reserve University has reached a cooperation.

Case Western Reserve University will use VivaLNK equipment to measure the relationship between relevant indicators and stress levels, including key indicators including Heart rate, respiration rate, sweat rate, and acute/chronic workload ratio, acute/chronic workload ratio are a fixed indicator of motion impairment.

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