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Introduction: Many players who promoted the "artificial intelligence city" era, each with its own theme, Shangtang Technology has formed unique advantages with its predecessors such as BAT and Huawei by virtue of its unique advantages in algorithms, platforms and scenes. The first echelon of a smart city.

Since the civilization of mankind, the pace of urban evolution has never stopped. Especially with the advent of the third technological revolution, the idea of ​​“smart city” has become mainstream. After the evolution of digital cities, wireless cities, perceived smart cities and cognitive smart cities, China's smart cities will also reach a higher level of overall architecture collaborative management, and “artificial smart cities” are gradually moving from concept to shape.

Many players who promoted the "artificial intelligence city" era, each with its own theme, Shangtang Technology has formed its unique advantages in terms of algorithms, platforms and scenes, and formally formed with seniors such as BAT and Huawei. The first echelon of a smart city. It is reported that in September 2018, Shangtang Technology won the title of "Intelligent Vision National New Generation Artificial Intelligence Open Innovation Platform" promulgated by the Ministry of Science and Technology, and only five companies that have won the title of "National Artificial Intelligence Innovation Platform": Alibaba, Tencent Baidu, Keda Xunfei, Shangtang Technology.

Completing the closed-loop short board, AI company showed the algorithm "killer"

artificial intelligence is the brain of a smart city, to brain smart, get a huge amount of information to train the algorithm to optimize artificial intelligence essential. Although audio, text, pictures, and video are the main carriers of information, video is the most important information carrier in the future because it covers the most effective information. Therefore, it is easier for players who have an advantage in the field of intelligent vision to obtain richer and more effective information.

Shangtang Technology is like this. Unlike BAT and Huawei, Shangtang Technology is essentially an artificial intelligence algorithm company, and the housekeeping skill is to provide "analytical engine for visual plus structured information." This engine is located in the middle layer of the industry chain. It is a very valuable part of the closed loop (acquisition, transmission, storage, analysis and calculation, feedback) of the entire information industry, namely video analysis and video feedback (ie application).

These two parts are the shortcomings in the entire video surveillance industry chain, and the biggest advantage of Shangtang Technology is different from other smart city players. With a rich accumulation in deep learning and computer visionShangtang Technology has independently developed the SenseParrots deep learning platform and has its own super-calculation center, which has the ability to complete two short boards of information closed loop.

Shangtang Technology chose to go all the way and fill in the information "closed loop" short board. All the way is to develop an algorithm incremental training system, using the algorithm incremental system to continuously optimize the algorithm of video sharing and video feedback. For example, with the continuous accumulation of data from Shangtang Technology Partner Party A, the algorithm incremental system can continuously analyze and conduct self-training learning, and then obtain a better result for Party A's data, so that the entire application can be obtained. A better feedback.

Another way is called algorithm incubator. The purpose of the algorithm incubator is to reduce the one-time cost of a single algorithm by instrumenting and standardizing the entire algorithm generation process, and to provide customers with the ability to quickly apply. Throughout the industry, it is difficult to find such a player who can provide a complete standardized tool chain at a lower cost. This has also become the "killer" for Shangtang Technology to maintain its position and solid advance in the smart city field.

Prospective Industry Research Institute predicts that the market size of China's smart cities will reach 18.7 trillion in 2021, which is a huge trillion of trillions. Complementing the “closed loop” shortcomings in the information industry, the AI ​​algorithm of Shangtang Technology has brought more powerful development capabilities to smart cities, which helps customers to find more value in the smart city industry.

Platform output, Shangtang fun smart city empowerment

How to build a real smart city is a big problem that has been plaguing smart city participants, if the traditional method is solved It is a question of “seeing, seeing, and watching for a long time” in the city. Then Shangtang Technology has chosen another way, which is based on the world’s leading artificial intelligence original technology. The core analytical power of understanding, thinking, and guiding action will promote the construction of smart cities into the AI ​​era.

Shangtang Technology takes the SenseFoundry Ark City-level visual open platform as the core, constructs the “visual hub” of the smart city, and then empowers the smart city based on the “visual hub”. The SenseFoundry Ark City-level visual open platform is like the eyeball in the human visual system. The main function is to accept andCollecting information and flexibly combining with SenseFace face big data combat platform can complete the detection and analysis of faces, vehicles, crowds and events, and let the city have the core analytical ability of “can understand, think, and guide actions”.

This is also the actual result of Shangtang's flexible application of “killer” and the creation of “closed loop” of information.

For example, in the scene of the safe city, Shangtang Technology used the “visual hub” of the smart city at the first China International Import Expo in 2018. Specifically, Shangtang Technology applied the SenseFoundry Ark City-level visual open platform to the large scene, and deployed the SenseUnity open visual empowerment platform on a small area. The SenseFace face big data actual combat platform provided logistic support for the former two, through the three platforms. The flexible combination supported the successful holding of the first China International Import Expo. It is reported that Shangtang Technology also received a letter of thanks from the Shanghai Public Security Bureau.

In addition, Shangtang Technology has developed a number of smart terminals and edge-side products based on the “visual hub” to build a comprehensive smart city product system for the smart city scene. In order to build a road ahead of the road, in the same way, in order to build a perfect smart city system, comprehensive products are indispensable. At present, the main products of Shangtang Technology are built on the “vision center”. A series of edge-side products above the hub, such as SenseSpace Smart Public Space Management Platform, Smart Campus Solution, etc.

Take the smart public space management platform as an example. In the cooperation between Shangtang Technology and Shanghai West Bank Group in 2018, Shangtang Technology provided services to the public and management personnel in the West Bank through the SenseSpace Smart Public Space Management Platform. It can enable the West Coast managers' resource scheduling, spatial planning, data forecasting, etc. to greatly improve quality and efficiency, and also enable ordinary people to enjoy the wisdom of finding lost people, non-motor vehicle intrusion monitoring, pedestrian fall or sudden disease monitoring. service.

Scene penetration, to activate the industry's greatest value

With the further refinement and integration of urban functions, super-large city complexes are emerging everywhere. In the face of a smart city with a market size of 10 trillion, no company has the ability to cover the entire industrial chain individually and efficiently, in order to truly enter the smart city.Every scene in the city, joint creation of ecology is the inevitable choice to activate the value of the industry.

Taking the security industry as an important part of the smart city, Yang Fan, co-founder and vice president of Shangtang Technology, believes that there will be three major trends in the security industry in the future: First, the quality algorithm that can serve users will be more The more you come. The computational cost is an important factor that restricts the quality and quantity of the algorithm. As the security industry's ecological improvement continues, the computational cost will continue to decline, which provides an opportunity for the emergence of a large number of high-quality algorithms.

Second, the ability to mine information will increase significantly. The emergence of a large number of high-quality algorithms has made security technology companies more and more capable of mining and analyzing information from massive data. Of course, more and more useful information can be obtained from it;

third, with The ability of security companies to analyze data information is becoming stronger and stronger, and the application ecology of the security industry will become more diverse. Some business problems that plague end users in the security industry will be solved, and the value of the security industry will be maximized.

For this reason, Shangtang Technology is working with more different players and different players in the whole industry to do what each manufacturer is best at, and to create a smart city with flowers and flowers. Ecosphere.

At present, Shangtang Technology has gradually built a smart city ecosystem in different scenarios. In the super-large scene, Shangtang Technology has deployed a large number of super-large scene systems with benchmarks and thousands of roads nationwide. In Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, and Shenzhen, four large-scale cities with populations exceeding 10 million have urban-level projects, including the ultra-million-channel intelligent video analysis system, which creates a new high in the industry regardless of complexity or scale.

In the scene of public management, Shangtang Science and Technology worked closely with the public security systems at various levels to participate in the construction of many projects, such as Xueliang Project and Safe City, and established joint laboratories with many provincial and municipal public security bureaus. Artificial intelligence technology innovation continues to contribute value and strength to society. For example, Shangtang Technology cooperated with the Shanghai police to successfully complete the security work of the Expo. For example, Shangtang Technology cooperated with a police officer in the south to help the police find lost elderly people within three hours.

"There is no way in the world, and there are more people to go." The current smart city construction is a manifestation of the Eight Immortals across the sea, and there is no "standard answer." But always implementThe real "innovation" spirit of the business soup through the algorithm, platform and scene ecology three combos, not only in the security field has embarked on a unique path, and has been with the BAT, Huawei and other seniors to gallop in the smart city first The echelon's track is up.

“AI leads the progress of mankind”, and the dream of smart city that Shangtang Technology integrates into everyday life is gradually becoming a reality.

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