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Introduction: The biggest "news" in the field of automatic driving today is the financing of $138 million Roadstar, first issued by WeChat certified "Shenzhen Xingxing Technology Co., Ltd. (Roadstar company name)" issued by "Shenzhen Xingxing Technology" The announcement of the company's handling of Zhouguang's violations, Zhou Guang is one of the founders of Roadstar, and the other two are measured and revealed.

The biggest "news" in the field of automatic driving today is the financing of $138 million Roadstar, first issued by WeChat certified "Shenzhen Xingxing Technology Co., Ltd. (Rodstar company name)" issued by Shenzhen Star Technology Co., Ltd. announced the handling of Zhouguang violations, Zhou Guang is one of the founders of Roadstar, the other two are measured and praised Joe.

Prior to this announcement, the public number issued the “Single Designated Official Certification WeChat Public Number Statement”, which means that this matter is actually not simple, in “Shenzhen Xingxing Technology Co., Ltd. Zhou Guang’s three major actions:

1, long-term non-compliance with the company’s internal code management rules and regulations, privately open the code library private drawings, deliberately do not upload the code and repeatedly teach not to change In the process of project delivery, partners found that their technical reports of fraudulent use of private code and documents have a serious impact on the company's reputation and project delivery progress;

2, in a government regulatory report Deliberate fraudulent data, discovered by third-party organizations, has a serious impact on the company's reputation;

3, taking the lead in destroying the company's internal financial rules and regulations, there is a phenomenon of public and private, and use their own classmates to receive kickbacks in the A round of financing.

Roadstar decided to remove Zhou Guang's position in the company, terminate all labor contracts, take effect immediately, and retain the right to further pursue legal responsibility for Zhou Guang.

The news of the problem of the core team of Roadstar has spread in the industry for more than half a year. There are many versions of the problem. I will not list them here. I just hope that from the perspective of entrepreneurs and investors. Look at this issue.

Entrepreneurship: It is not just a common problem

Entrepreneurship is an extremely difficult thing, the core team is to ensure innovationThe necessary conditions for the success of the industry, the core team has problems, and basically can declare that the business has failed. The problem of Roadstar is open to this extent. The three partners of Zhou Guang, Gauge and Yan Xian are sure that there is no opportunity to continue cooperation. How to develop in the future is still unknown.

The hardships of starting a business are unimaginable to ordinary people. What is needed is that the founding team overcomes all the difficulties faced by the difficulties with the spirit of “brothers are united and their interests are broken”. Needless to say, this nature, however, is difficult to share, and it is difficult to be rich.

Automated driving startups, the financing of billions of dollars, this is the place to test the team, here is not only to test the technology, but more to test human nature. The contradiction of the core team is basically nothing more than two major problems, one is money and the other is power. There are also cases for women, which are not discussed here.

At present, the core team of self-driving startups, young is the biggest feature. Young means unlimited future, but also lacks experience. It lacks not only work experience, but also lacks people. Experience, especially the team that suffers a lot, faces the temptation to value a $1 billion company.

Valuation of $1 billion, which for many traditional companies may not reach the height of life, but for autopilot startups, this is only two or three years, so the book The wealth figures on the board will greatly magnify the problems of the core team.

Entrepreneurs, looking for a like-minded partner, is really not easy, many entrepreneurs lament, it is harder to find a partner than to find an object. There are entrepreneurial friends who can spend two years in order to find a good partner. After finding it, the cooperation is very smooth.

According to Che Zhijun's understanding, the core team of the autopilot startup company has an infighting situation, not only the Roadstar family, but also a large area of ​​thunderbolt, and then there may be more similar problem. For investors, how can we avoid this problem?

Investment: Investment is still

investment, investment is still human, all investment, is the process of realizing the network.

It is unfortunate and investors say that, especially for investors who have invested in autonomous driving startups, it is almost inevitable to step on the thunder, and it depends on how the problem is solved. NoWhat are the places to pay attention to when investing in thunder and investors who have already stepped on thunder?

For investors who have not stepped on the thunder, how to still be optimistic about the automatic driving of this track, we must think, how to avoid stepping on the thunder. This is mainly an understanding of the core team, including several aspects:

1, whether there is a leading brother (is a major shareholder);

2, the ability to lead the big brother (including management capabilities, Social experience, technical ability, etc.);

3, the internal consensus and system of the core team, humanity can not stand the test, can only rely on the system.

For the investors who step on the thunder, of course, it is to find a way to demining, and to completely open the issue like Roadstar is not conducive to solving the problem. In the "Shenzhen Xingxing Technology Co., Ltd. Announcement on Dealing with Zhouguang's Violation of Discipline", the three major problems pointed out may also face difficulties in proof, and further evidence is given.

Once a company is caught in a legal dispute, it is difficult to raise money. For autopilot startups, this basically means death, for the founding team, or for investors who have invested money, The worst result.

I know that Roadstar has been a problem for a long time. The previous version and the current version have a lot of discrepancies. As a third party, I still wait for the final result. I have been reluctant to report such a thing before. I hope that the problem will be solved and the company can continue to develop, which is the best for both the team and the investors.

The situation that has appeared to this day is really unthinkable.

Finally, all investors who have invested in autonomous driving are advised to maintain communication with the invested companies, and also collect information from the invested companies from different sources, including business level, core team level and technical level. Because of the large-scale problems at these levels.

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