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Introduction: On January 16th, the 2019 Visionary Robot Strategy Conference was held in Beijing. The conference attracted more than 50 industry guests and entrepreneur representatives, and received more than 200 media attention and support. At the meeting, Defiance Technology released the core product of the contempt robot strategy - Hetu (HETU)

On January 16, 2019 defy robot strategy conference was held in Beijing, the conference attracted more than 50 industry guests and entrepreneur representatives participated and received more than 200 media attention and support. At the meeting, Defiance Technology released the HETU, the core product of the defying robot strategy, while sharing the eve of thinking about the eve of the Internet of Things networking and establishing a far-reaching layout of the new AIOT community. Academician of the Chinese Academy of Engineering, He Hezhen, and ProLogis Strategy Advisor Dong Zhonglang attended and delivered a speech. The conference also attracted industry leaders from Softbank Robotics, Rookie Network, Guozi, MUJIN, Vanke Logistics, Whalecang Technology, and Zhizhi Information to share their respective experiences. Industry insights.

At the press conference, Visionary Technology Co-founder and CEO Yin Qi officially declared that he had completed the upgrade from “Face++ Defiance” to “Megvii Defiance” and released a new contempt. Logo, which means that contempt has been fully upgraded from the original algorithm vendor to a smart agent solution expert.

This upgrade focuses on technology and scenes: the core technology is upgraded from face recognition platform Face++ to systematic AI algorithm engine Brain++, which pulls all the elements from the data to the deployment algorithm. The business scene has been upgraded from vertical scenes such as urban management, logistics, retail, real estate, mobile phone, and finance to the three major IoT scenario business groups: urban brain, supply chain brain, and personal life brain. With the help of these three scenes, contempt will truly build its own AI algorithm engine and IoT operating system, which will become the cornerstone of the core products of contempt for commercial competition in the next decade. As a key carrier in the supply chain brain scenario, robots will become one of the most important directions under the AioT strategy.

Industry needs value verification and process acceleration

"From the time when Ford Motor was launched in 1931, the world's first assembly line, and today, nearly a hundred years, robots and automation are already commonplace.question. But I have been wondering why robots and automated products are still so slow and popular. "

Defiance Technology is an AI unicorn enterprise, but a new entrant in the robot industry. However, in less than a year after the start of the game, "newcomers" defied the advancement of technology and In the process of productization, some interesting phenomena were discovered. Tang Wenbin, co-founder and CTO of Vision Technology, mentioned in the press conference that “the first phenomenon is that few automation scenes nowadays have few people concerned about the needs of customers. What is it, most of the concern is how much the customer budget is, how much equipment can be sold; in addition, we find that whether it is a storage scenario, a factory scene or a manufacturing scenario, automation requires a variety of equipment and diverse solutions to meet, so that The entire value chain will become very long, from demand communication to program design, to simulation and measurement... Finally, it takes a year or more to deploy and implement the entire process, after the online and expected measurement and simulation. There is often a big gap. "Tang Wenbin pointed out.

Many of the current programs in the market are formulated for the budget, not for the success of customers. This seems to be a very big problem in contempt, "products, programs can not To meet customer needs, customer value is not clearly presented, so it is necessary to think in terms of customer value. "Tang Wenbin believes that "it is precisely because the customer value is not verified, a small number of people standing in the overall situation to solve the problem leads to a long cycle, high cost, difficult to land. This gave an opportunity to despise the released robot strategy - in order to verify the value, speed up the process, solve the problem, despise the AIOT operating system - Hetu (HETU) came into being. "

What is a river map?

Hetu (HETU) is a set of scorn, dedicated to the rapid integration of robotics and logistics, manufacturing business, one-stop solution planning, simulation The implementation and operation of the entire process of the operating system. It is like the brain of a robotic network. If the scene in which the robots work together is likened to a symphony, then the river map is the conductor of the band and can direct all kinds of robots to cooperate in the performance of the business. Symphony.

But in the automation industry, the customer's scene must be diversified, and automated equipment can't solve all the problems of a device. It must be based on different scenarios and needs to choose the best equipment."For example, we can't use the clothing category to satisfy the beauty category, because the lighter SKU is bigger and the number of things is smaller, but it is small, hard and brittle compared to the makeup. The logic inside it must be different. When a demand comes in, we actually want to choose different equipment, choose the equipment that is most suitable for this scene, and finally provide value to the customer. The river map is given by us. Solution."

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