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Introduction: When the technology was founded seven years ago, the new logo, the full evolution: "Face++ contempt" upgraded to "Megvii contempt." The newly enabled Megvii (Mega Vision) is not a new word but an abbreviation against contempt.

Dedicated to the seven years since the establishment of the technology, the new logo, comprehensive evolution: "Face++ contempt" upgraded to "Megvii contempt." The newly enabled Megvii (Mega Vision) is not a new word but an abbreviation against contempt. In 2018, contempt for the company's mission of "continuously creating maximum value for customers and society with extraordinary technology." The new logo is not a new beginning but a new upgrade. It is the continuation and focus of the product value and customer value after continuous thinking about defying core competence.

Core Competence, Commercial Value

The core gene of defiance is the algorithm, and all upgrades are carried out around core competencies. In the operating system of the AIOT era, the outer layer is to connect and control devices, robots, and sensors. The middle layer is to realize the digitization of people, objects, and fields in the physical world, and the core is to realize sensing, control, and optimization. algorithm. In this system, we hope to connect more IoT devices in order to provide customers with closed-loop value. The valuable solutions to be delivered in AIOT and any era must be soft and hard.

The most important thing for an enterprise is to understand its core competencies and clearly position itself so that it can be clearly defined with more partners and become a new community. If a company can achieve core competence in one area, Strong, then you can really build barriers and achieve greater business value.

Defiance of the AIOT operating system: the algorithm layer is the core, the digital software layer connects to the physical world, and the connection control layer realizes access to more devices

Continuous focus of the three scenes

[123 Defiance proposes to continue to create a personal life brain scene centered on mobile phones, urban brain scenes centered on urban sensors, and the proposed robot strategy is a supply chain brain scene containing intelligent manufacturing, intelligent logistics, and intelligent retail. These three scenes will also be the focus of defying the next 3-5 years.

Despise from the foundingAt the beginning, the platform was not positioned as a target, but continued to focus and converge, because it really requires more preparation and strength to bring value to industry customers. Defiantly, while continuing to focus on business and deepening, we insist on building our core competencies, while the bottom line is from a large number of partners and customers gathered in various scenarios. At the robot strategy conference, not only Chinese and foreign robot manufacturers, but also more than 100 partners attended the show to despise the upgrade, and launched the establishment of an eco-partner based on the “Hetu” IoT operating system.

Despise the "Hetu" ecological map

Product value and customer value

At the beginning of the contempt, people will receive two books - "How Google Works" "And the next fall will be Huawei", these two books represent the initial heart of contempt for "technical beliefs, value and pragmatism." Defiance of value is to separate product value from customer value. On the one hand, we hope to take the lead with many partners to create a soft and hard combination solution that can reduce costs and increase efficiency, and achieve customer value. On the one hand, we focus on core algorithm genes. , continue to build an operating system that can access more devices to achieve product value.

In Qiqi said in an interview after the meeting: "The AIOT era is very similar to the beginning of the Internet era. Defiance is that it is a hooligan to not start from the application, just like there is no Office. Can't do Windows, no matter when Windows is the core product of the PC era, and the most user value and business value is Office."

"This is value backtracking, if you can't create real for customers The value, but said that he is a platform company, this is the mistake that most AI companies may make at the beginning, we may have done that, but because we hope to become a solid company, we have been trying We are increasingly convinced to find the scene and plunge into it."

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