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Introduction: With the rational investment of capital, the incremental and innovative business models provided by new technologies have become the two key drivers of the industry's most concern, and the health benefits of these two elements are how to use AI health products. /Services empower a multitude of scenarios, and what kind of model to gain capital favor?

The data shows that the annual growth rate of China's health industry has remained above 10%, and by the end of 2016 it has exceeded the market size of 3.2 trillion. The health management market has exceeded 110 billion and is expected to expand to 203.9 billion in 2020. Coupled with the continuous development of high-tech such as smart medical care, the health management industry has been extended from a single self-management management to professional real-time management, and the service experience and public awareness have been further improved.

With the rational input of capital, the incremental and innovative business models provided by new technologies have become the two key drivers of the industry's most concern, and the health benefits of these two elements are how to use AI health. Products/services empower a wide range of scenarios, and what kind of model is used to gain capital favor?

At the end of 2018, Health AI, a health-care AI technology open platform, completed its three-month trial run and has been officially launched. It will be fully rolled out in 2019 to achieve a deeper integration of technology and scene.

Health and beneficial founder Li Yuxin

Health management service gap, AI powers smart management

After over-medical treatment makes medical resources become uneven, from treatment to The health needs of treating the disease have risen to the top design. According to the public information, a set of macro data shows that China's medical health market still has a huge space: According to the statistics of the National Bureau of Statistics, in 2017, China's elderly people over 60 years old reached 2. 400 million, the degree of aging is serious, and the number of slow patients has approached 300 million. Under the huge demand, the supply of resources is not so equal.

After the AI ​​was upgraded to a national strategy, the medical health track became an important industry for AI. The most notable form of health management services is high-end health care, where medical institutions provide one-on-one health care services to exclusive members, and artificial intelligence is one of the means to improve efficiency in the absence of general practitioners and health management.

One-on-one health management services become the wisdom of turning doctors into wisdomOne-to-many service mode in Hui Medical mode is more efficient and can be replicated.

According to well-known consulting firm Frost & Sullivan, by the end of 2019, the value of artificial intelligence in the healthcare IT application market will exceed $1.7 billion. By operating an artificial intelligence platform in selected healthcare workflows, productivity will increase by 10-15% over the next two to three years.

The accuracy of image recognition and speech recognition of artificial intelligence has been gradually applied to the health industry after it has been improved to a certain extent. The accuracy of artificial intelligence image recognition has been higher than that of humans, and language recognition and natural language processing techniques have also been widely used in daily life.

The artificial intelligence industry chain is generally divided into three levels, namely the underlying base layer, the middle technology layer and the upper application layer. Health and beneficial founder Li Yuxin said that health benefits provide AI vertical application for the medical and health field. It is a company between the technical layer and the application layer. Its products have completed the closed loop of service in the comprehensive field of health management in the health management side.

Three major product lines to create closed-loop services, output AI and professional capabilities for enterprise intelligence upgrade

According to Li Yuxin, health benefits mainly include three product tracks:

Health AI technology open platform Health AI. Health AI started trial operation on July 24, 2018. It has covered more than 150 enterprises. Through the application of enterprises, it covers more than 300 million users. The amount of data collected in the background has exceeded 1.1 billion times, and the data is growing rapidly. in.

Li Yuxin said that all AI skills are placed on an open platform because the market demand for AI is very high, and the Health AI open platform gives the market the largest application space.

The second is the offline health management smart space. Based on all current technologies and professional capabilities, products and services, build an offline health management smart space, and integrate various resources of its partners into the program. Li Yuxin said that this is a very important part of our line, except for the online open platform.

The third is physical products and services. The first two products involve one line and one line, while the healthful B2B2C model coversA large number of C-end users. In the use of C-end users, there is a need for diverse health management and disease management. “We built physical products and service products and embedded them in all open platforms to provide C-end users with a variety of health services including lifestyle management, consultation, consultation, diet, exercise, etc.” Li Yuxin said.

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