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Introduction: According to industry reports, the number of online video industry users in China has reached 600 million in the first half of 2017, and the online video market has reached 50.33 billion yuan in 2017. The video industry has entered a steady growth in user scale. The stage of rapid expansion of market size.

According to the industry report, in the first half of 2017, the online video industry in China has reached nearly 600 million users, and the online video market has reached 50.33 billion yuan in 2017. The video industry has entered a stable user base. The stage of rapid expansion of market size. The era of universal video has arrived. The attention of users has shifted from traditional texts and pictures to video. I believe that most users will have video apps in their mobile phones. According to the online public data report, more than 70% of Internet traffic comes from video, and in the future, this number will exceed 90%.

The prosperity of the market has also promoted technological progress, and the video market is surging. In this era of AI, especially the artificial intelligence technology with very high attention in the industry, how AI technology really plays in various industries and fields. Application and business value bring industry change to be the key. At present, domestic companies with more prominent video AI, such as Extreme Chain Technology Video++, continue to cultivate independent research and development of computer vision technology based on entertainment. Currently, the Group's businesses include AI Scene Marketing Platform (ASMP), entertainment and e-commerce, interactive entertainment, and new IP-themed business, AI content review platform (ACAP), etc.

So what can AI bring to the video industry?

Improve production efficiency: The combination of AI and collection and production links can effectively improve the efficiency of video production. Traditional video production is done by people. When AI and video capture production are combined, AI technology can be used to introduce intelligent editing technology to quickly produce video.

Avoiding regulatory risks: Introducing artificial intelligence auditing technology into video can shorten the video release cycle, reduce manual intervention, and avoid regulatory risks more efficiently and accurately.

Reduce costs: In terms of improving production efficiency and avoiding regulatory risks, machines and algorithms have done a lot of alternative operations, releasing manpower and reducing costs.

In addition to enabling advertising, AI technology is also applicable to the video field.What about the demand?

Video intelligent review requirements: Network development has also brought about the proliferation of content, obscenity, pornography, horror, terror and other bad videos have affected the harmonious network atmosphere, but also brought a lot of hidden dangers to the platform side. Since the broadcast of the fast broadcast in 2014, many online video, live broadcast and short video platforms have been subject to penalties, rectification and shutdown. With a little carelessness, the platform will be on the verge of violating the law. The traditional manual auditing method is inefficient, and it is difficult to meet the needs of quickly and accurately reviewing a large amount of video content. It is a new direction to use AI technology to improve the efficiency and accuracy of video data auditing.

Video content understanding needs: Massive video is constantly being produced. How to push video to the most suitable people is a huge challenge. In most cases, in order to facilitate user selection and viewing, the video of the online video website needs to be classified and managed, and some short video APPs can also push the specified small video according to the user's favorite label to improve the video click rate. Optimizing the user experience requires an initial understanding and judgment of the video data. In addition, in the video surveillance scene, security control, flow monitoring and other actions are supported by video understanding technology.

Video Smart Editing Requirements: When browsing live APIs, they are often attracted by interesting cover art and click to enter. Some studies have said that the most popular video length is about 2 minutes, so how to select the most accurate microcosm from the 2 minute video as the first picture is a very important means to improve the user's click rate. Usually, the platform will use the editing operation or prompt the user to select the best-performing screenshot as the cover, but this method is not ideal. Moreover, in the radio and television news industry, there are often business scenarios where large-scale news needs to be split into a single short news, and manual operation efficiency and accuracy are not ideal. Using AI technology to edit the video can solve this problem.

Video copyright protection demand: Online piracy has always been a cancer in the online video industry, which not only affects the interests of copyright parties, but also is not conducive to the healthy development of the industry. It is very important for video weighting, similarity judgment, piracy identification and prevention of infringement. At present, PGC short video is popular, and the platform side protects the content of these videos, which can encourage originality and promote the vigorous development of video content. Video AI technology can catchTake video data for identification to prevent copyrighted content from being infringed.

The rapid development of AI in the video field will inevitably bring some problems. At present, in the video field, in addition to the empowerment of advertising, AI technology has been applied to the production, distribution, review and distribution of content. Link. It is one of the manifestations of the development value of artificial intelligence through technology empowerment. It is also one of the most important ways to realize the development of AI technology.

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