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Guide: The technology of the enterprise is no better, the product application still has to return to the user layer. In the logic of the smart speaker, its body should be a physical pipeline connecting the Internet company to the user. The AI ​​is the interaction mode and the beginning of the service. The voice platform and content service behind the speaker are the greatest value of the product.

The pace of the Internet has never given up on the exploration of "entrance", from the search box in the PC years to the app in the mobile era, those innovative technologies will always open the door to one wonderful world. It used to be just a kind of speaker that plays music carriers. Nowadays, with the blessing of artificial intelligence technology, it has become a cutting-edge for the giants to compete for the smart home market. In 2017, Amazon released a smart speaker Echo Show with a screen, officially opened the track with a screen smart speaker worldwide. In China, Baidu took the lead to follow up and launched a small home. Ali and Tencent launched the Tmall Wizard cc and Tencent Dangdang, and Jingdong also released Jingdong Play.

In the rivers and lakes with screen smart speakers, if Saying that sales and growth are the criteria for assessing “martial arts”, then Ali and Baidu are the two most masters of the current Huashan sword. On the downfall of the summit of the martial arts lords, they will compete on the same stage and stage a big fight.

Against the competitive situation, Baidu, Ali led the screen with smart speakers

What is the situation? It is the current pattern of the competitive product camp and the momentum of the future. A few giants are fighting for hegemony, and each other is competing for the biggest market in the mainstream, which is the confrontational situation. From the perspective of strategic decision-making, industry performance and technology accumulation, Baidu and Ali have already led the industry track, and the confrontation between the two has become more apparent.

1. Strategically dare to stand on the platform

Innovation requires courage, and implementation requires more determination. Although Baidu is not in the BAT in terms of business ecology, Baidu is indeed brave in technical products. After Amazon launched the first shot of the world's screened smart speakers, Baidu became the first domestic fighter. In March 2018, Baidu released a small home.

The hardware industry is a heavy industry, and the test of product technology by intelligent hardware is also very serious. Therefore, after Baidu launched the first smart speaker with screen, Ali and Tencent failed to follow up quickly. Even 4 days before the small release at home,Ali released a solution combining hardware and software - Tmall fire eyes. In fact, the Tmall Fire Eyes release represents a lot of "watching players" mentality at the time - afraid to miss the cover of the smart speaker, but worried that the product has smashed its own feet.

When releasing Tmall's fire, the product director's opinion on the screened smart speaker is: seeing whether joining the screen can bring enough bargaining. When smart speakers are weakly related to the basic business e-commerce, Ali smart speakers are more like a business than a strategic business direction. As a result, Ali's propaganda on smart speakers is more focused on numbers. Since March last year, the promotion of “sales exceeded one million” and “global sales third” has appeared frequently.

In September 2018, Ma Yun announced that he will no longer serve as the chairman of the board of directors next year, and Ali officially entered the "post-Ma Yun era." The new CEO Zhang Yong issued an open letter to all members, announcing the strengthening of technology and smart Internet investment and construction.

At this time, Ali really began to pay attention to the smart speaker market, using AI hardware dive line is also the inevitable choice for Ali to open a new situation - use the online advantage to live offline resources, and then use the offline scene to do Traffic entry supplements, as well as online business and data re-extension.

After 291 days of the first domestic screen-equipped smart speaker released at home, Ali's screened smart speaker Tmall Wizard CC debuted.

Although Ali, the largest e-commerce platform in China, has an absolute advantage in sales volume, at present, Ali, Baidu and Xiaomi are the top three domestic smart speaker shipments, and have released a small degree at home after Baidu. With a growth rate of 711%, and Tencent also released a smart speaker with a screen in recent days, it is impossible to say that Ali is not in a hurry.

In a hurry, it is not known whether the technology of the Tmall Elf CC is ready. But in the pre-sale interface of the Tmall Elf flagship store, there is an inconspicuous gray logo - the public beta. However, for a better user experience, Ali did not advertise a lot, presumably to focus on further efforts to further improve the product. The first user experience of the smart speaker is very important, and the technical clearance is the key guarantee. Baidu also started the hardware layout after several years of intelligent interactive system.

Ali has a very strong "ingress crisis" awareness, from the online information blocking of the station, to the comprehensive offline shopping mallBureau, Ali has never let go of any opportunity that may bring challenges to the e-commerce business. The rapid development of AI technology and the speeding of smart speakers have been interpreted by Ali as being targeted by the gun. Compared with Ali, Baidu, who has taken a slower step in the mobile era, is less "historical." Baidu also seems to see the opportunity brought by the integration of cutting-edge technology and consumer life. The popularity of smart speakers is like technology. A gift from Baidu.

In the actual layout of the two sides, there are also more vivid manifestations. If Ali is more inclined to invest in the fast-implementing "application layer" such as retail, financial and entertainment marketing, then at the "technical layer" and "base layer", Baidu is more focused on open platforms such as Apollo and DuerOS. To empower other companies or developers, both are moving in the direction of expanding the ecological layout, but the path of implementation is quite different.

2, rushing in the market

According to the US Technology Market Research Corporation Strategy Analytics released in the "Global Smart Speaker Market Report for the Third Quarter of 2018", the global smart speaker shipments In the third quarter, it reached 22.7 million, a record high. During the quarter, China's Baidu changed the global market landscape, and its market share soared to 8%, becoming the biggest dark horse.

Although Ali took the lead in the domestic market with the advantage of channel, according to IDC statistics, in 2018, Q3, the intelligent speaker equipped with Baidu DuerOS ranked first in the Chinese market, small series Intelligent hardware has the fastest growth rate in the Chinese market, and its market share has increased to 24%.

Ali's rapid follow-up of the small home, although the competition is intensifying, but for the overall development of the domestic smart speaker industry is still a good thing. The first is because the market space for smart speakers is large enough to accommodate more differentiated brands. Secondly, everyone is still in their infancy. Appropriate competition and pressure can promote rapid iteration of the company's own technology and extensive education in the market, covering more users. .

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